Enargia Services

We provide our unique formulations and ready to go programs to meet your requirements. Working with you to develop final products for private label, we care about getting the right products into your hands. Our current focus is certified organic, CFIA/PMRI registered, plant and animal nutrient products. We are solely committed to product formulation and registration at your disposal.
We offer a full line of seaweed extracts, amino acids, chelated micro-nutrients, chitosan oligosaccharides ingredients and formulations for your product line. Enargia is a one-stop destination for your product development and registration.


Our focus is to supply the ingredients for your products. We Help to certified organics, CFIA/PMRI registered products.

Custom Formulation

Custom Formulations

We formulate the product to meet the specification of your needs.

Our unique customized formulas are specific for each private label customer. Enargia is there to ensure and delivering high-quality solutions each and every time.
We assist you with a specific process that involves collecting the details for product usage requirements, product characteristics, and expected outcome results.
We formulate the product to meet the specification of your needs.
We extensively test your formulation and assist you for CFIA/ registration, making the overall process simple and deliver timely service.