Water-soluble fertilizer (WSF)

With the world’s growing population, the great challenge facing the industry is to increase agricultural productivity to meet the food and nutritional demands of the future. But this will have to be grown more farmland than is available today.

Water-soluble fertilizer (WSF)

Applying more fertilizer is only part of the challenge because the necessary increases in crop yield will have to be achieved sustainably, maximizing the efficiency of nutrient. Water-soluble fertilizer (WSF) presents a perfect solution to these challenges. WSF is made to dissolve into water. Because they are easily broken down, they are fast-acting, the plants will have an immediate boost in nutrients. There is also a reduced likelihood of over-fertilization, as water-soluble fertilizers can be applied more frequently. Enargia water-soluble fertilizer is a best to access to your formulation and profitable. We offer:
•Ammonium Polyphosphate (APP)
•Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP)
•Monopotassium Phosphate (MPP) and more.

Water-soluble fertilizer (WSF) Benefits


•Increased quality, sturdier growth, less shipping damage
•Stays fresher longer on the store shelf
•Availability of micro-nutrients over a wide pH range
•Reduced plant stretches
•Market differentiation – more profit
•Save timeless switching formulas
•Less packaging waste