Orthosilicic Acid (OSA)

Bio-stimulant Silicon is helpful for the soil, micro-organisms, and plants.


OSA is the key molecule being bio-available and bio-active molecule for plants. However, the silicic acid molecule is very unstable resulting in low concentrations in the soil, often too low for optimal growth of the plant. In addition, the overuse of fertilizers/agrochemicals (such as pesticides) which further decreases the silicic acid concentration.
• Silicic acid acts as a bio-stimulant for the growth of the plant and helps the plant to overcome infections and stress factors like heat, drought, and salinity.
• When bio-active silicic acid is added, plants show improved growth, higher yield, reduced mineral toxicities, and better disease and insect resistance.
• Moreover, silicon stimulates the beneficial micro-organisms in the (top) soil resulting in synergistic effects for the uptake of nutrients by the plant.

Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) Benefits

Seeding Stage:

•Increase seedling vigor
•Increased seedling length and biomass.

Plant Growth Stage:

•Strengthens the vascular system
•Increase the absorption of water and minerals.
•Enhances the K/Na ratio, hence increases the plant tissues resistant to fungal and pest attack.
•Regulates the enzymatic activity, thereby reinforcing the plant tissue formation. Thus, an increase in the yield.
•Increases resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.

Flowering and Fruiting Stage:

•Increase fuller flowers and higher levels of sugar in the fruits.
•Increases the production of anthocyanin pigments and thereby inducing faster ripening and pigmentation of fruits.

Drought Situation:

•Increases photosynthesis by decreasing evapotranspiration from the leaf.
•Reduces lipid peroxidation and thereby reducing the oxidative stress during drought conditions.
•Protects plants from extremely high or low temperatures.