Bentonite is a unique blend of various bioactive substances derived from natural sources.


It is eco-friendly, hazardless, and compatible with most chemical fertilizers. It is a slow-release product; hence it is active for a longer time in soil. This granule is not a fertilizer in itself but promotes balanced growth of crops, boosts immunity, improves crop quality, and ultimately increases the yield by increasing nutrients availability and enzyme activity.

We offer bentonite :

• Bentonite Granule
• Humic coated bentonite granule
• Zyme coated bentonite granules
• Roasted bentonite granules

Our Bentonite is available in granule form which is used as a plant growth stimulant. It contains a unique blend of humic acid, amino acid, fulvic acid, marine protein, seaweed, silicon, and botanical nutrients with RGP formulation to get maximum crop production. Considering this, we use high-quality roasted black bentonite granules as a carrier. Bentonite is used to increase the quality of soil, to improve crop growth and yield. It works individually or could be mixed and apply with conventional fertilizers. It is highly useful for the uniform growth of the plant. It promotes white root growth quickly and improves fertilizer uptake as well as holding and soil aeration condition. Bentonite is reported to increase the permeability of plant membranes resulting in higher metabolic activity due to increased nutrients availability and enzyme activity.